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We are a small IT company targeted at web application development. Our primary focus is to develop our own and cooperative start-up projects where we see an interesting potential for the future. At the same time we develop custom web applications to enable us to finance our own investment projects.

When and Why We Were Established

The main target when the company was founded was to develop a universal booking portal. The aim was to provide a tool for hairdressers, masseurs, coaches and many other small service providers to make bookings easier. This project led us to name the company BookYourself. After a few years of development and several marketing experiments we recognized that we were not strong or fast enough to become profitable. We recognized that we were more of a development than marketing company. Based on this experience we cancelled the project and focused on projects delivered with partners.


We are small family business. Peter Uhrik as the owner and investor, Jakub Uhrik – his son as the Technical Director. In addition there are two programmers and one graphic designer located in Nitra and one highly skilled student under training in Bratislava. All the programmers have more than 5 years of experience; the only lady in our team has been with us for more than 1 year. For larger projects we cooperate with proven freelancers.

Peter Uhrík

Owner and investor

Jakub Uhrík

Technical director

Marek Kišucký


Martin Rozboril


Jakub Šimjak

Graphic designer

Alena Poláchová




www.worknavigator.de, .sk 
A project prepared in cooperation with the Swiss career coach – Thomas Diener. The project provides a process for managed thinking and searching for the ideal job and work environment for the customer. It tries to help to identify the factors which provide self-satisfaction at work to the customer. The project was created using a lean start-up philosophy. It was launched on the German market in March 2017. An English version is under preparation.
Technology: WordPress (as a first step to evaluate potential at the market), Javascript, PHP


www.festigo.eu, .sk
A project prepared in cooperation with people who work in the festival industry. The main target is to provide an easy to use tool to search for leisure time activities in the Central European region.
Technology: Javascript, PostgreSQL, Dart, ElasticSearch, Java, Play framework, SSO

D1 Portal

A project prepared in cooperation with D-one Solutions. It is an e-commerce / B2B, B2C portal that provides all necessary functions such as: ordering, invoicing, delivering, pairing, delivery costs calculation, etc. The portal covers the complex sales process including integration with external systems such as accounting, external delivery companies, etc. This is not a solution in public use, it is only available to registered users.
Technology: Dart, React, Javascript, Coachbase, ElasticSearch, Java, Play framework, SSO, Mailchmp a Mandrill


Web application development

Our key competences: